Hope for the Holidays

About Aidyn 's family

Aundrea has two children.  She worked very consistently until she had her baby and took maternity leave.  She was let go the day she returned to work after maternity leave.  She is attempting to get employment and has enrolled to go back to school to get her college degree.  Things in her life are a struggle: her parents recently divorced, she has been the one who has tried to be there for her younger siblings, she took her sister in, her car broke down, and her water heater went out.  She is stressed financially, yet still continues to be there for her children and figures out how to make things work.
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About Isabelle age -1

Isabelle is a happy baby with a beautiful smile and loves her brother.  She is playful and fun, and advanced developmentally.  

Isabelle's Wishlist

Isabelle has been sponsored!

Please consider sponsoring her siblings to bring holiday joy to the whole family.

About Aidyn age 8

Aidyn is a great kids who hates to see anyone struggle or hurt.  He is very thoughtful and loves to give.  His favorite thing used to go with his mom to her job at a nursing home and to give the residents home made cards and spend time with them.  He is very smart especially in math, is a great athlete, and a team player.  He makes other people laugh, he dances, and sings, and just has a wonderful little boy with a big heart.  

Aidyn 's Wishlist

Aidyn has been sponsored!

Please consider sponsoring his siblings to bring holiday joy to the whole family.


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