Hope for the Holidays

About Monasia's family

Mose is a single father of two trying to provide them the best life he possibly can. His wife passed away last September after a hard fight with cancer. The family has been trying to pick up the pieces since her passing, but it hasn't been easy. Moses' oldest child is autistic and that adds different challenges. Moses and the children want to continue to make their mom and wife proud. They know she is looking down with a smile on her face. Moses could really use some holiday assistance. 
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About Monasia age 10

Monasia is her dad's biggest helper. She assumed this role when her mom passed. She loves all things fashion and always wants to look her best. 

Monasia's Wishlist

Monasia has been sponsored!

Please consider sponsoring her siblings to bring holiday joy to the whole family.

About Mose Jaron age 14

Mose is the sweetest teen you may ever meet. He knows no stranger and loves making people laugh. He loves playing on his PS4. 

Mose Jaron's Wishlist

Mose Jaron has been sponsored!

Please consider sponsoring his siblings to bring holiday joy to the whole family.


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Children's Bureau Inc.

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